Dr. Makita

Do you have any anxiety about diabetes?

Artificial hemodialysis, blindness, gangrene, and more, diabetes mellitus has an image scary enough to make one want to block their ears. But please be assured. Thanks to advances in medical studies of diabetes these complications can be successfully treated. For people making regular hospital visits, always conscious of their blood-sugar level and HbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c) it may sound hard to believe.

This scariest part of this illness is being stuck with artificial hemodialysis. So condemned, many patients come to consult me whether there isn’t any other way. Those patients are often so depressed some go as far to say that it would be better to die than suffer a permanent existence with artificial hemodialysis. However, advances in medical care mean that the melancholy of hemodialysis may be a thing of the past—new speciality drugs to treat kidney complications were discovered just a few years ago.

For 35 years I have researched treatment to cure kidney complications. Working from positive results in America with Aminoguanidine, I cooperated with Otuska Pharmaceutical in Japan to develop a specific drug [OPB9195] to treat kidney illness and its complications. Even on a worldwide view, I think it’s a rare thing for a doctor to be this involved in the research and treatment of nephropathy.

From my perspective, just in the last 10 years the improvement in treatment research and development is striking; if we catch kidney complications early, we can now cure them entirely. Up until now, once diabetic nephropathy was underway it only got worse until a patient was condemned to blood dialysis; we could not stop this deterioration. To sum up, we were not able to cure complications.

Now, even patients with well developed nephropathy can be treated; while a complete cure may still not be possible, we can improve their condition and hemodialysis can be avoided. It may seem like a miracle, but this is actual fact.

To share this miracle with sufferers I leverage all of my expertise from many years spent in research, study and treatment to provide completely new solutions to concomitant diabetic illness. Further, I aim to protect diabetes sufferers from the scary prospect of hemodialysis. I wish to take patients from being scared of their illness, to being able to lead a fun and full life. I believe this is the raison d’etre of my therapy.

The goal of treatment for patients not yet suffering from nephropathy is to completely avoid renal complications. If a patient develops nephropathy, the goal is to completely cure them; this is now possible in almost all cases. For developed cases of nephropathy a prompt consultation is highly recommended since it is necessary get treatment underway and work toward an improvement in their condition and avoid the tragedy of hemodialysis.

For those unsure whether they are developing, or have developed, diabetic nephropathy, we kindly invite them to come for a consultation. Complications from diabetes include cancer, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. We test — rigorously and comprehensively — for these terrible complications and offer treatments to cure or ameliorate them.

A detailed discussion of these topics can be found in my book People Who Die By Diabetes, People Who Live With Diabetes (Bunshun Shinsho). My book has been translated into Chinese (published in simplified or classic Chinese characters: Kantaiji / Hantaiji) as well as Korean. I recommend a read of the book to prospective patients thinking of coming in for a first consultation.