【Treatment Overview】

If your urinary albumin count is higher than 18, kidney complications are already underway.

Treatment to cure these complications is necessary!

We will protect you against further complications such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • At your first examination we check the stage of kidney complications (diabetic nephropathy) by taking a urinary albumin count. We also test for complications with an [ A G E ] measure both from skin and blood samples. Advanced Glycation End-products, AGE, are the medical source of complications.
  • With your current stage of complication development and your source substance AGE value known, we will prescribe the best possible course of treatment.
  • Using the latest medicines (e.g., AGE capsules) we will cure your nephropathy.
  • Against ocular complications we will introduce a top specialist and prevent the onset of blindness and related sight-loss illnesses.
  • We aim to support diabetic patients concerned about cancer, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s by providing rigorous testing to catch and treat these complications early; our goal is to give patients a healthy life lasting until 100!

【Treatment Schedule】

Please be aware of the following before entering into a plan of care: The clinic can only deal with patients in Japanese. Patients requiring to communicate in other languages will need to provide their own interpreters.

From your first visit we will carry out necessary and detailed blood and urine tests.

It will take around 3 weeks until all of the test results are collated.

The pace of visits thereafter depends on each patient and their medical needs.

1st Consultation

Our first step is to ask you to fill-out a medical questionnaire. We next test blood, urinary albumin and blood and skin AGE levels. It takes 3 weeks to collate results, so we ask you to come back for your next visit when your test results have all returned. Patients who are unable to visit the clinic can be sent their results.

1st Consultation

We will inform you of your test results: we will reveal your AGE measure, susceptibility to complications and prognosis; and discuss at what frequency you should visit, levels of medication required, as well as integrate your goals and wishes in to a treatment package. Where necessary we will advise on illness outside of diabetes (introduce you to a specialist in the field in question). Thereafter your treatment will begin.

【Treatment Goals】

Patients with minor symptoms

For patients with no signs of kidney complications we provide the best care to prevent and guard against future pathology.

Stage 2

< Urinary Albumin below 18 >

We will comprehensively guard against kidney complications. In the event complications arise, we will immediately treat against them (almost always possible).

Stage 3

< Urinary Albumin between 19 and 300 >

We seek a full recovery for patients who have developed nephropathy (for patients with a urinary albumin count less than 100, this is almost always possible). At the very least our treatment will improve the patient’s condition with regard to where he or she began, and take them toward positive progress (possible about 90% of the time).

Stage 4

< Urinary Albumin above 301 >

Recovery is the goal for treatment; where this is difficult we will make an improvement upon the patient’s pathology with respect to their initial condition upon first consultation (possible about 90% of the time) and prevent the prospect of hemodialysis (possible about 80% of the time).

Stage 5

< Serum Creatinine 1.10 to 7.99 >

Deliver the best treatment to improve and progress the patient’s condition. There is hope for patients with severe complications: a patient in such condition first seeing us over 5 years ago has shown positive improvement with treatment (a patient for whom AGE capsules worked).

Stage 6

< Serum Creatinine 8.00 and above >

To avoid hemodialysis, even stop it, we will explain in detail the ideal treatment - kidney transplant - and introduce the best hospital to carry out this procedure.

・We will also advise on illness besides diabetes

【People Recommended to Take a Consultation】

  • check Those with extant kidney complications
  • check Those not yet with kidney complications but wishing to guard against them
  • check Those unhappy with their current care